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Mathematics & Statistic Tutor Perth - SPSS Help   

 Algebra Components similar to any first year university course or final school year

Topic One

Negative Numbers
(-3 - 7) Adding / Subtracting
(-4) x (-5),Multiplying / Dividing
BIDMAS 23 +7/3 -(4 -2 - 8),
Fractions a/b + c/d Adding / Subtracting

Lowest Common Multiple
Fractions a/b / c/d Dividing / Multiplying

Topic Four

Revision of Power Rules,
Solving simple equations with terms such as  5 (2x+2)  + 5 (x)


Topic Seven

Introduction to Logarithms, 
Logarithms Rules,
Solving equations where the variable is in the power or inside the Logarithm,
Application of Logarithms
 (Exponential Growth and Decay)


Currently being updated
 but click to revisit the old material  apologies for the bad formal, missing links, and handwriting

Topic Two

Expanding Brackets
Solving equations
Absolute Values in equations or inequalities,
Notes on the two Methods


Topic Five

Common Factors,
Quadratic Factors,
Difference of Two Squares


Topic Eight

Simple Differentiation
Finding a tangent line to a curve
Differentiation Curve Sketching
Differentiation Optimisation


Topic Three

Straight Lines,
Finding equations y = m x + c
Parallel, Perpendicular or Neither Lines
Simultaneous equations


Topic Six

Quadratic Factors,
Completing the square,
Quadratic Formula,
Solving Quadratics using Factorising, Quadratic Formula and Completing the Square


Topic Nine

Qu 1a    Simplify expression   
Qu 1b    Substitute values and evaluate 
Qu 1d    Solving for x in a fraction
Qu 1c    Expanding brackets   
Qu 2     Word Problem  
Qu 3      Inequalities     
Qu 3c    Adding fractions using LCD
Qu 4     Equations of straight lines  
              Intersection point

Qu 5      Problem with Linear relationship

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