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Logarithms are just another way of writing a number and are really useful when the numbers are very big.
Logarithms are just numbers written as powers, so instead of having 1 000 000 000 in my calculations, it is easier to use logarithms to base 10 as the number(which is a power really) you deal with there would be 9.

Now you cannot just change it to a Logarithm and proceed as if nothing had been changed so there are rules that you must follow in calculations.  These rules are all linked to the power rules that you have learnt before though don’t worry if  you do not see the connection.

Logarithms are handy when the variable you want to calculate is stuck in the power.
It is handy to see the connection between writing a number in Power form and Logarithm form.

Simple Logarithm Questions

Exponential Growth and Decay

Logarithm example with unknown in power or inside logarithm

Fug here to help with Power Rules
Listen to the Introduction
Introduction to Logarithm Rules
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