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Questions regarding Private Tuition

I am currently in the process of writing a journal paper concerning the role of the Private Mathematics/Statistics Tutor and would appreciate your responses to the following questions.  I have been invited to write this paper at short notice so I am afraid that I need the answers rather quickly by tomorrow. 
Your answers and observations will be treated in the strictest confidence and anonymity. 

Background Information



Level of Education


Age  (circle one)               13  - 15 years         16   –   17 years        18 -  21 years             over 22 years


Questions concerning Tuition

  • What was the trigger for seeking tuition in Mathematics / Statistics






  • How did you find your tutor?






  • What expectations do you have of your tutor?



  • What criteria do you use to choose (and stay) with tutor?







  • Thinking about a tutorial that you considered to be of great help, what features of that tutorial do you recall?









  • If you have experienced several private tutors, is there any information that you feel would help







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