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M136 Material

Mathematics & Statistic Tutor Perth - SPSS Help   


Please be aware the notes are my personal notes and solutions and are here to aid your learning Questions are from Washington

Here are examples from M136 tutorials

Tutorial Topic One            Revision, Indices, solving square root problems ie Ö126,
rationalisingopposite sign one’

Tutorial Topic Two            Algebra, powers (m2 n-2 /z n-4 m7 )4, Equations of Straight lines,
                                           using two points, and point/intercept and gradient,
                                           perpendicular and parallel lines 


Tutorial Topic Six             Continuity of a function and piece-wise functions
                                           the ones where the equation changes for different values of x

Tutorial Topic Seven         Differentiation from First Principles,
                                           Basic differentiation in Product/Quotient
                                           Rules Displacement, Velocity and Acceleration

Tutorial Topic Nine           Implicit Differentiation differentiating with respect to another letter
                                            when you have two or  more letters i.e. dy/dt  du/dx

Tutorial Topic Ten            Related rates, differentiating with respect to time

Tutorial Topic Ten plus    Differentials dy/dx = dy/dx  and Linear Approximations f(x + dx ) = f ' (x) dx  + f(x)

Tutorial Topic Eleven           Differentiation Max, Min, Inc, Dec, Concavity etc 



Tutorial Topic Fourteen   Vectors  resultant vectors, adding vectors, angles between vectors

Tutorial Topic Fifteen       Ships Colliding or not


Tutorial Topic Seventeen Matrices adding/subtracting, multiplication, Inverse of 2 x 2, Row elimination,
                                           solving equations x -3y+ z =9 2x -3y+ 4z =19 2x -3z=2

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